Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Marcelo Bielsa will be the next Barcelona manager

Athletic Bilbao manager Marcelo Bielsa will be pleased because Pep Guardiola has basically got him a new job.

Guardiola hasn't yet signed a new contract with the Catalan giants and has said that if he really wanted to, he'd probably have done so by now.  Taken from somewhere I can't remember, Pep said:
"Everyone knows how I feel about Marcelo Bielsa and his methods. He has what it takes to coach Barcelona, without doubt."
"I have not decided yet (to extend contract). Otherwise I'd have informed the president. Bielsa can be a good successor to me."
The Argentine manager has been in charge of his own country's national team as well as Chile and I guess his CV is probably a little better than mine, so I shouldn't be too disappointed that I wasn't mentioned too.  My resume includes two years of working in a local Costcutters and if that doesn't ready you for the pressures of dealing with superstar footballers, I don't know what would.  You might think I should probably be a bit more realistic, but I dare to dream.  I DARE TO DREAM!  And I also applied to Blackburn so I do have most of the bases covered.