Saturday, 28 January 2012

Luis Suarez has English lessons to be less racist

Hate filled prejudice mongers The Daily Mail ran a story today about the fact that Luis Suarez is having English lessons.  Clearly the only reason for this is so that he can learn to be less racist, since all of these damn foreigners that come to our country don't understand our culture enough.

Of course Luis Suarez is simply trying to learn English so that he can speak English, and I'm pretty sure that he's been learning for a while now.  He speaks Dutch quite well already, and his native Spanish has landed him in a bit of trouble, which means that he's actually probably more cultured than any Daily Mail writer ever.  Their idea of speaking a foreign language is staying as far away from the brown people as possible incase they try and make conversation.  "I DON'T WANT TO BUY ANYTHING FROM YOU, YOUNG MAN" they say,  "But I need to take your order, sir" replies the waiter in their ski resort.