Sunday, 29 January 2012

Lothar Matthaus to star in reality TV show

Lothar Matthaus is one of the greatest footballers of all time. He is also a massive helmet. That means dick head to those of you not familiar with that particular insult. Now 51, Lothar is famous for being outspoken (a twat) and shagging around. He plans to show us "the real me" in an eight-part reality TV show.

Matthaus was a fantastic player - he could do pretty much everything and could absolutely destroy the ball with both feet.  He won the European Championship in 1980, the World Cup in 1990 and ended up going to five World Cups in total. He is considered a legend for Inter, Bayern and Germany but since he retired he has become more famous in his home country for his tabloid antics.

Married four times, he is a big fan of the ladies. His last wife was 21 years old when they got married, he was 47. They have since split up and he is shagging someone else so he hopes the TV series will show us all what a lovely man he really is and that his reputation isn't a fair portrayal of his true personality. Unfortunately the shower and bedroom are off limits.

A coupe of choice quotes from the man himself -
"The Dutch are all arseholes, Adolf probably forgot you."
"Hey girls, our black player has the longest appendage. " - directed at a women's basketball team
"A Lotthar Matthaeus will not be defeated by his body, a Lothar Matthaeus will decide his fate himself."
I wonder if Harry Redknapp would be up for having a camera crew follow him around all day? Make up your own punch-line.