Thursday, 5 January 2012

Liverpool want Bent

Liverpool invested wisely in an internationally renowned striker called Andy Carroll.  So far he's proved an undoubted success but just incase that doesn't work out they want Darren Bent, and Aston Villa don't really care.

Alex McLeish has put out a statement saying 'Darren Bent is not available.... at any price' which in football language translates as "Darren Bent is available, just throw some money at us and see what happens".  The rumours stems from the fact he is English, can score goals and Luis Suarez is missing for 9 games, so Dalglish wants to sign him.  In return, Andy Carroll would go on loan to Newcastle for a few games to cover for Demba Ba while he's away scoring all the goals in Africa, and then everyone wins.  Except Aston Villa who never score a goal ever again.  Maybe they should sign Stewart Downing back because he sets up loads of goal...... oh.  No, that's right, he doesn't.  ZING!