Sunday, 29 January 2012

Liverpool offered Man City Andy Carroll maybe

Liverpool are so desperate to get rid of Andy Carroll and make some of the £35million they spent on him back that they are rumoured to have offered him to Manchester City in exchange for Carlos Tevez.  Manchester City said no.  Shockingly.

This could of course be absolute nonsense, and I'm going to assume it is, since Kenny Dalglish spends 80% of his time defending the striker.  According to The Guardian, Liverpool offered the out of form geordie to Manchester City last Thursday, who immediately turned it down with the reasoning that "he's shit".  Although Mancini has in past stated that he admires Carroll, City already have lumbering powerhouse Edin Dzeko so adding a young, misfiring battering ram to their squad doesn't make an awful lot of sense.

The only way Liverpool are going to get anything back from their £35million at this rate is if he starts laying eggs because watching Carroll play football at the moment is actually painful.  It looks like if Herman Munster had a stroke and then chased his yo-yo down a hill.