Friday, 6 January 2012

Liverpool fans are friendly / racist

That whole Luis Suarez racism incident has really taught us a thing or two about treating people differently.  As an example, I can give you Liverpool fans, who tonight reduced Oldham midfielder Tom Adeyemi to tears by shouting things like "You fucking black bastard".  Oh and they were wearing the Suarez t-shirts.

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The midfielder had a bit of an argument with some crowd member in the Kop end and after receiving the abuse reported it to the ref.  The crowd then sang "there's only one Luis Suarez", as if to underline the point that they don't know how real life works, let alone what they were doing.  You can't do racist stuff anymore guys, it's "not on".

The good news is that police caught the two guys, restrained them and Liverpool released a statement saying "We will do everything in our power to investigate the matter and ensure the appropriate action is taken".   From the extremely professional way they've dealt with this issue so far, this probably means that they will make t-shirts for the players to wear with a picture of the fans.  To show their support, you see.  

Liverpool have a really important role to play in how about 4 generations of supporters behaves, because most football fans wouldn't survive past the age of 21 if they were left in the wild.  I'm getting kinda bored of writing about racism and to be honest I shouldn't have to do it at all.  Ever.

Then again this isn't my job so I don't *have* to write about anything really.  I could write about parrots if I wanted.  So I will.

Parrots are ace.

thanks to @adammorrice for letting me borrow his joke