Sunday, 29 January 2012

Liverpool fans are awful

Nothing like a massive generalisation to kick things off. I'm probably late writing about this, I was out drinking, watching football and being a lad yesterday so this is already old news. Liverpool fans booed Evra, this was to be expected, I mean how dare he report Suarez for saying something racist to him........10 times. One fan in particular really didn't like Evra so he decided to make a monkey gesture.(allegedly)

Looks more like a chimp to me but that's probably not the point. Kenny Daglish said they boos directed at Evra were just a bit of "banter". I actually watched the video of the chap above on YouTube. The majority of the comments are from Liverpool fans saying things like "how do you know that was directed at Evra?" "how do you know he wasn't just pretending to be a monkey for the lolz?". My personal favourite was someone who tried to write "racist slur" but accidentally typed "racist slut". 

Their fans' also sung "there's only one lying bastard". Their stupidity knows no bounds. The lovely chap above has been detained by the police and hopefully the video and photograph have been circulated. By the time he is released from jail his friends, family and work colleagues will know about the incident and his life should be ruined forever. Then again this happened in Liverpool, they've probably built a statue of him outside Anfield.