Thursday, 26 January 2012

Leigh Griffiths is incredibly stupid

It takes a special effort for the stupidity of a footballer to stand out amongst the thousands of registered idiots playing professional football. Leigh Griffiths can certainly be described as special.

The Hibs striker has just received his third ban for making offensive gestures to the fans. Out of his three bans, two of them were for gestures towards his own supporters. His most recent was against St.Johnstone last weekend. Hibs are pretty terrible and the fans know this so when Leigh went over to take the corners they took out their frustration on the poor wee soul, shouting "you're a dick" and other such things.

Being one of their only good players, he was pretty pissed off. Cameras picked up the striker retaliating with a rebellious middle-finger to the stands. In fairness to Leigh, they definitely deserved it. It's hilarious how fans are allowed to shout literally anything (except racisms) at a player and not be punished in any way. I said hilarious, I meant really fucking stupid. Anyone who goes to watch football games know that the stewards do absolutely nothing, scared of the inevitable back-lash they will receive from a drunken, aggressive loud-mouth.
"I do want to issue an apology. I did it out if sheer stupidity but I can tell you now it won't happen again."
Yes, he definitely won't do it again. The SFA have given him a two-game ban and his manager isn't happy. I only read the first sentence but found it so utterly ridiculous that his manager tried to defend him, that I stopped reading.