Monday, 30 January 2012

Lee Hughes charged with sexual assault

Remember Lee Hughes? Yeah, he's the bald guy that killed somebody in a car crash and then fled the scene. Now he's been charged with sexual assault. He sounds about as nice as he looks.
Hughes was arrested last month and has now been charged for sexual assault. Of course that doesn't mean he is guilty. He was found guilty of causing death by dangerous driving and leaving the scene of an accident but that doesn't make him a racist. A scum-bag? Yes. A rapist? Maybe but we don't know for sure so lets not get sued. Unfortunately for him he looks like a rapist but of course that's no basis for judging someone on. I mean look at Demarcus La Shonda, he looks like a big teddy-bear.

The 33 year old converted to Islam whilst in prison and even apologised upon his release. He once raised £5,000 for charity so I think we can all agree that he has turned his life around and is now definitely an all round great guy. Perhaps one day, the world will all know the name of Lee Hughes and his grand contributions to charity and society as a whole. Or perhaps he will be found guilty. Life is full of surprises.