Saturday, 28 January 2012

Lee Hendrie is bankrupt

Former Aston Villa and wherever he went after that player Lee Hendrie has just been declared bankrupt, which is great timing considering he is now even worse at football than he was when he earned money.

That picture looks like someone is wearing Lee Hendrie's skin in order to pretend to be him.  His face doesn't look quite right.  It could well be that Lee has actually been kidnapped by aliens and one of them is currently walking the earth in his body, making ill judged financial decisions all over the globe but this sounds like rather a lot of work to ruin the life of someone I had completely forgotten was alive, so may not be as plausible as the actual suggestion that Lee Hendrie is a retard and spent all of his money on baby bel and garden furniture.

The joke's actually on you because Lee is now playing for Kidderminster Harriers, the mightiest of the Harriers.  He also has a yard sale on just now where you can buy burnt garden furniture, because that's what he does with his spare time now.  That and cry.