Thursday, 5 January 2012

Kolo and Yaya go to Africa

Kolo and Yaya are not delicious new flavours of juice, but are in fact the brothers Toure, killers of Premiership teams and eaters of pies.  Actually the pies are mostly just Kolo, but he won't get anymore of those because they are going to Africa, even though there's no food there.

hot linked directly from the BBC.  Thanks guys!
Ivory Coast manager 'Francois Zahoui' has a name that is too hard to remember right now, while I furiously try and churn out five different articles in an hour, so let's call him 'Vinnie'.  Vinnie has said that both the Toure's have to turn up on time for their nation's pre-tournament training which means they will both miss the CRUNCH tie against Man Utd sometime soon.  Probably on Saturday, I would guess.  Nope, it's actually Sunday.

Vinnie insists that they have to meet up in Paris and that he doesn't care about what their clubs are doing, so be there or be square.  Which in Africa is the equivalent of being racist, since racism doesn't exist there because there are no white people.  I once bought my Dad one of those charity gift things where he has donated a football to a local football school thing in one of the African countries, and I like to imagine that one day a player as good as Yaya Toure will grow thanks to that football and he will grant me magical powers, as is my understanding of 20% of the roles black people seem to portray in movies.