Friday, 20 January 2012

Juve Fans Try to Sell Amauri on Ebay

Amauri is one of those players who is always good on Football Manager and always gets talked about in the transfer window but he's not actually very good. He's successfully managed to piss off most of Turin by being terrible and whoring himself out to Spurs.

Juventus are desperate to get rid of him because they are currently paying him a lot of money to play for Parma on loan. His scoring record of 17 goals in 71 games doesn't exactly set the world alight although he is doing well for Parma. 

I've never understood Amauri.  His PR team and more importantly his agent, must be fucking brilliant at their jobs to continually drum up interest. Holy mother, Juve actually paid £20m for him back in 2008. Then again.... this is Italy, that money probably went straight into some illegal betting syndicate.

Fans of Juve in a desperate attempt to sell the striker actually put him up on eBay. The top bid was at about £8m before the website pulled it down. Free delivery within four working days and full-back Paolo de Ceglie were included in the deal, which seems rather reasonable. I can remember when an Aberdeen fan put Darren Mackie up on eBay and the top bid was £1. The fucker still didn't leave. My cat's really annoying me just now so maybe I'll stick him on eBay. He's ginger and shits everywhere, any takers?