Tuesday, 3 January 2012

John Terry promotes smoking in India

To all of those who thought smoking was a disgusting habit that only the weak-minded still remain addicted to, rethink those beliefs!  Our hero John Terry is here to educate us all.

Terry's image was used without permission by Indian cigarette company, Gold Flake, and understandably he and his agency are pretty pissed off.  The image has been blurred out but it does look an awful lot like the England captain, and this is why he is now seeking legal advice to do in the cancer givers.

Meanwhile, someone in India is frantically trying to explain to senior managers why just taking images from Google is so much faster and more cost effective than paying for actual stock images, or even taking photographs yourself.  The whole story is part of this pamphlet I've made called 'reasons I will probably be sued in the future'