Friday, 20 January 2012

Joey Barton loves confrontation, and Twitter

Neil Warnock is a terrible manager, that much is clear. He is a "man-manager", this equates to shouting clichés and picking the team, akin to the coach of a school team. When it comes to tactics, he doesn't have a clue. I heard on one of the football podcasts, that one time his own captain came over to the side line and said "you have to change something!" Of course he didn't and they lost 2-1 to Norwich. Yesterday I wrote about how Warnock was pissed off about Twitter and everything. Joe Barton has replied.

Barton is notorious on Twitter for arguing with everybody and quoting lyrics from the Smiths. He has used Twitter to tell Warnock to shut up!
"If I talked about Neil, he'd do well to get another job. Twitter cost him his job? I can think of a million other things,"
"Lost his job and the guy is blaming everyone but himself! Embarrassing, time to look in the mirror mate,"
"Looking forward to the game against Wigan tomorrow. First time in a while we actually have a plan and seem organised." 
I wouldn't dare get into am argument with Joey Barton. Just because he now has a child, don't think he wouldn't follow you down a dark alley-way and beat you to death with your own shoes.Perhaps Joey should take his own advice about the mirror, he has been utter dog shit for the majority of the season. Obviously I would never tell him that to his face, the thought of having to poo out my teeth after having them kicked down the back of my throat, doesn't particularly appeal.

The image of Barton sitting at home every night on his laptop tickles me. I wonder if he reads FitbaThatba or is up to speed with his internet memes. I'd like to think his wife would be calling him through to help change the baby's nappy, "I'll be right through darling. I just need to finish winding up these virgins on Twitter."