Monday, 9 January 2012

Joey Barton is turning gay / happy

Joey Barton has been treating all who will read to the delights of having children and it sounds absolutely awful.  Like living with a junkie.

This is where barton keeps his child, in the safe enclosure of a rooftop.  Here, nature can really help little Cassius learn to be at one with the earth as birds of varying sizes come to feed him worms and the other things I should have been fed as a youngster in order to grow into a footballer, or adult.  The power of owning a child even extends to making new friends!
Its amazing how many people with prams, u not only see but say hi to. Ive never been so aware of infants in my life. What's happening to me!
He also put up a whole bunch of stuff about how it constantly shits.  They don't put that stuff in the movies do they?  It's all 'la dee da happy ever after'.  So if you are a lonely internet 'surfer' desperate for human company, simply steal someone's child and hey presto! you have pals.  There's a reason that porn stars always say 'oh yeh baby yeh!' - it's because they really want a guy with a baby.  That's why I've started my plans to get one now so that one day Ashlynn Brooke will be mine.  And if my girlfriend is reading this, I have no idea who Ashlynn Brooke is.