Monday, 23 January 2012

Joey Barton goes to Alcoholics Anonymous

Joey Barton revealed on Twitter last night that he goes to AA meetings to prevent the beer swilling anger demon within him from rearing its ugly head.

image from the daily mail
The QPR captain was just hanging out on the internet last night with his friends because his skyrim pals were all asleep, and revealed his visits to the support group somewhat nonchalantly.
“Am off out AA meeting and then back for the NFL.”
After being quizzed by his followers, he added: “AA=Alcoholics Anonymous. Loads to be learned if u have a problem or not. Usually most do...or did! Like moi.” (MirrorFootball)
So fair enough.  Admitting the problem is the first step and I remember once being told that if you think you might have a problem, you probably don't.  It's usually the people who say "I don't have a drinking problem" who do, which is why I've called the police so many times for my upstairs neighbour.  I think she's Muslim or something so I'm just trying to look out for her and be all cultural and stuff, you know.  She gets annoyed about it most days, and thinking about it the police don't look too happy about it either - how am I to know she's not drunkenly trying to end herself?  I can't see through roofs, what am I, Paul Daniels?  "Waste of police time" they say, but I'll always know how much I've helped her out, in my heart of hearts.  You can't take that away from me.