Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Joey Barton doesn't like Paris Hilton

Joey Barton didn't last longer than about two days on his self imposed 'twitter ban' and today launched a scathing attack on millionaire slack-eyed slut, Paris Hilton, for no obvious reason.

The 'controversial' QPR midfielder was wearing his internet warrior hat as he typed:
If I was heiress to a global hotel fortune, I wouldn't be sucking off some knob head on camera for a raise in profile. Maybe that's just me?
I have no idea if anyone replied to him or not but he continued anyway:
I mean, who goes on tv looking for a best friend? Only a f*cking dullard that's who. Strange world we live in people......
I'd go on TV to find a best friend Joey, because I love friends.  Luckily for me my friends are all stuffed animals so they can go wherever I am!  How wonderful it is.  And I don't mean cuddly cute soft toys, I mean actual stuffed animals.  I've got a fucking moose in my bedroom.  It just sits there looking badass.  I feel you moosey.  I feel you.

I'd like to think that Paris Hilton replied with "if i was a talented young footballer and in line to earn a fortune from my profession, I wouldn't be stubbing cigars out in people's eyes, or beating them half to death outside fast-food restaurants' but that would have been really bitchy.  Mee-ow, Paris!