Monday, 16 January 2012

ITV strike tv football deal. Nobody is happy

ITV is awful. It's aimed at overweight, middle-aged women whose lives are consumed with talk of TOWIE, Chelsea, Scousewives and numerous other "reality" shows that I don't even know about. Remember those dark years of "The Premiership"? I shudder at the thought. ITV have confirmed they have struck a two year deal with the FA to have first pick on FA Cup and England games. Nobody wins.

ITV will show 16 FA Cup games a season, plus England's home qualifiers for the 2014 World Cup and friendlies. My first thought when I read about this was Andy Townsend, I cannot stand the man. His bloke-down-at-the-pub style punditry and inept analysis really do my tits in. Then there is the whole pretending to be Irish thing, he won 70 caps for them. What a dick.

Sky pay good money to call shotgun on the people they want first. BBC is pretty solid these days, apart from Mark Lawrenson of course. ITV is where you find the dregs. Jim Beglin who just talks utter shite, Gareth Southgate who has about as much charisma as a sun dried dog turd, Terry Vegetables who sounds like conman, the list goes on. Robbie Earle the Alan Smith sound-a-like, was also in my head but it turns out he gave away about 1000 free tickets for the 2010 World Cup and got the sack. My opinion of him just went up tenfold.

I don't really like anyone in football apart from James Richardson and Peter Brackley and they seem to be the only two who aren't employed by any of the big broadcasters. I'd have a go myself but not sure my style of commentary would really work on prime time television. "Ashley Cole is such a cunt.", "Gary Caldwell is fucking useless". In fact, I would give even less insight than Andy Townsend. What have I become?