Monday, 16 January 2012

Inter Milan bid for Tevez, or not

We haven't had a story about Carlos Tevez for about three days so it's probably about time to check up on where he is, which is still in Manchester.  BUT FOR HOW LONG??????

According to which paper/website you read today Tevez is either moving to Inter Milan for £20.7million or not going there because Ranieri doesn't want to upset the balance of his team.  AC had already agreed terms with the player but Pato ruined all of that work by decided to say at the red and black half of Milan.  The Inter president said that they had indeed made the bid and that "its up to us to decide whether to go through with it" so I'd be inclined to believe the 'he will move' side of the rumour.  And then ALL OF A SUDDEN PSG have now said that they also want him.  He truly is the prettiest girl at the party at the moment, or to use an accurate analogy, the ugliest money driven beast in the dungeon.