Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Hatem Ben Arfa sued for libel

According to FourFourTwo, Newcastle forward Hatem Ben Arfa is being sued by a French singer after claiming he was forced into joining a 'sect'.  Apparently you can't just say whatever you want about other people if it harms their reputation.  Who knew?

The football magazine says:
Ben Arfa said in an interview with the L'Equipenewspaper on Monday that Al Malik and Coste had tried to force him into a muslim fraternity - "like in a sect."
Al Malik is the French singer and Coste is his manager.  I don't know what a muslim fraternity is but if my knowledge of American teen college movies is accurate, it's a house filled with good looking young adults, struggling to work out what paths to take on the road through life.  Except because it's Muslim I suppose they have less bacon, no alcohol, more worshipping of Allah, and regular prayer.  PARTY ON!