Thursday, 5 January 2012

Hatem Ben Arfa hates Pardew's tactics

Hatem Ben Arfa is annoyed that he still isn't getting a game for Newcastle and has suggested that Alan Pardew might not be very good at tactics and stuff.

image from ESPN (c) Getty
The Frenchman has recovered from another serious injury to join his friends on Newcastle's bench and is getting increasingly annoyed at watching Shola Ameobi and Leon Best getting a game ahead of him.  I mean really - Leon Best.  He should just be nice to Leon because it's the only thing he's any good at - if he worked at Tesco he'd still only be a supervisor in the butcher department, or however it is that it works there.  But he'd chop that meat so fucking good.  CHOP CHOP CHOP there goes the meat.  CHOP CHOP CHOP there's your fucking lamb you miserable cunt CHOP CHOP CHOP there's a sausage roll probably.

Ben Arfa really needs to work on knife skills if he wants to get back into Alan Pardew's plans.  He even said this (from ESPN):
"When I see fans in the street, they always ask me why I am not playing. I respond it's not my decision. I scored at Bolton but then was still on the bench for the next game. I wasn't surprised though.
"But it's true we don't share quite the same philosophy. For him, it's more crosses, a bit of a more direct style, whereas I'm more the kind of player who likes to play short passes. I like to pass and move, a little bit like Swansea when we played against them. I was very impressed with the way Swansea played football.
"That is the kind of football I like. That's the philosophy I learned at the French academy at Clairefontaine." 
Well la dee da Mr Ben Arfa.  "I went to a really nice academy and blah blah blah".  Yeh, well do you know what academy Shola Ameobi went to?  The fucking hard man academy.  That's where.  And he can chop meat like no other.



I think I'm still excited from the result last night.  It's either that or the drugs.