Monday, 23 January 2012

Harry Redknapp is in court

Harry Redknapp is currently enjoying a pleasant time in court as he answers charges of tax evasion which is illegal.  In relevant news, my Greek girlfriend looked through a list of tax evaders from her native land to see if she knew any of them personally.  The answer was 'yes. lots'.

Since foolish British law prevents anyone from saying anything about this case other than the facts, I'd like to point out how strange it is that the court case is being held in a futuristic jail run by half dinosaur people. Part ancient lizard, part homosapien, the jury will decide once and for all whether or not there truly is a god or if the earth was invented by wizards centuries ago.  Back then, Lord Granthor of the powerful T-Rex clan first started not paying his taxes and this tradition has been kept alive by many people throughout the world until this very day.

In Greece they have millions of dinosaur bones for example and the Greeks are particularly good at not paying taxes - most of them didn't even bother having $295,000 placed in a Monaco bank account under the name of their dog, like Harry Redknapp allegedly did, according to the BBC.  They just didn't bother paying.  Arguably the dog could just be a very shrewd business man, and actually sounds smarter than 200% of the general public I encounter on most days.  I've been drinking cider for a couple of hours now so I should probably stop writing.