Friday, 6 January 2012

Harry Redknapp is angry about socks

Harry Redknapp is furious, according to reports today, that his players are cutting holes in their own socks and then taping them back together again.  Wait.... why are they doing that?  I'll tell you why!

According to MirrorFootball, the new trend in the Premier League is to cut the feet off their socks and then tape tennis socks on to it.  I guess it's better than going out raping people like they used to, but hey ho.  In this same article, it becomes clear that tennis socks give you more grip in your football boots so lots of players do it so they have more control on their football boots...... and I don't think I get it.  Maybe they do give you more grip, but I've never fallen over in my own shoe.

I'm pretty sure if RVP started wearing sunglasses on the pitch other people would start doing it because it 'helps my vision when I'm trying to header a ball', so I wouldn't look too much into this.  I just like the image of Harry Redknapp gyrating his head and shouting 'SOCKS' while a thousand socks pour into the chamber he's trapped in, like furry snakes.  It's one of my new weird recurring dreams.