Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Graham Westley: Who is he? He's a LAD

Graham Westley is the new manager of Preston North End and even though I have no idea who this guy is, he has a massive Wikipedia page, which I assume he wrote himself. The man is newsworthy because he's already pissed off some of his players by texting the team line up at 2am. Lad.

That could be him but it could also be a pedophile - I guess some mysteries are just better left unsolved. Four players, including Barry Nicholson of former Aberdeen glory, only found out they were dropped from the team in a text message received at 2am, when most normal people are in bed. The four of them actually started in their 3-2 victory the previous week so it's no surprise they were annoyed, especially considering that this isn't a five a side game with your pals. You can't just send out a group text message saying "futbol sat y\n".

Graham claims the text was so late because he was up all night entering the players' phone numbers into his address book, which is fair enough as that's actually really hard after a night out. The most confusing part for the players was the "can I come round?  I'm so horny right now xx" text they received just after it, followed by "ignore that last text".  Also your Mum was really annoyed about the team line-up she received!  waaah waaaaah waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh