Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Giggs and Beckham want to be in the Olympics

Of 191 players contacted about the possibility of playing for Team GB in 2012, only seven have said no.  Ryan Giggs is hoping he gets to play, or he was having an affair with someone.  I get the two confused sometimes.

(c) Scott Baxter
Players in the tournament have to be under 23, but you are allowed 'over-age' players too which is good for both Beckham and Giggs seeing as they are 36 and 38 respectively.  I can't help but think there are better players out there who are far younger than retirement age who might also like to play - this is the Olympics after all, it's not 'Masters' football, or as I like to call it, 'a show that makes me feel terrifyingly closer to death as I watch past idols fart around a 5-a-side pitch'.

Gareth Bale will probably play because he's not English, and if Darren Fletcher manages to get away from a toilet for long enough he'd probably play too because he's not English.  I'm not sure Northern Ireland have anyone to offer but I guess they can just be there for moral support, seeing as I hear everyone over there is so jolly.  I'd probably just play everyone from the England team that is under-23, and Ryan Giggs as well so that everyone from England can finally imagine what that looks like, seeing as this is the only point of Team GB in the first place.