Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Gerard Pique might have a sex tape... with Shakira. Want.

According to Kickette, there may very well exist a sex tape somewhere featuring Shakira and Barcelona defender Gerard Pique.  Not be confused with Carlos Puyol.  No one wants to see that tape.  It would look like a sacrifice.

image from
They are both damn sexy, so this would almost certainly sit on the front page of redtu..... I mean certain adult websites for at least like two hours, until that video where the robot destroys an Asian prostitute anally turns up again.  I made that up, but it almost definitely exists.
According to TV Notas, a former employee of Shakira’s did the filming duties for the couple (Ed. Note: huh?!), and if Pique’s woman doesn’t pay up for this person to shut up, the video will be released.
So one of Shakira's employees filmed her banging Gerard Pique.....

I'm sorry I have to go now and fill out a job application.... or furiously wank myself off into the ground.....  I just can't work out which to do first!  This is going to make the interview really awkward