Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Gay footballers please come out of the closet

The President of the German soccer federation has come out and said that it's about time all the top level gay footballers came out and said "I am gay". He is a straight man and isn't a professional footballer, I'm sure they will take his words on board.

That man is Theo Zwanziger and he believes that today's society is far more accepting of homosexuality than previous generations and gay players would be accepted by the fans. Unfortunately, absolutely everything I have experienced at football says this is incorrect and German legend Philip Lahm agrees with me.

Lahm said that footballers are like Gladiators these days - they kill each other and fight tigers and shit. Big Phil says that you, yes you, do not accept homosexuality as "normal" and you will probably shout insults at a player who did come out. Unfortunately he is correct and although if a player did come out he would get thousands of messages of support, he would also get 60,000 people shouting insults at him every week at the games and neanderthals leaving death threats on twitter.

Perhaps one day being gay will be normal and all heterosexuals will have to come out and say "oh by the way I am straight, I just thought you needed to know". Fucking nonsense, who cares if a player is gay? I care if they are shit and play for my team. If they play well, they could be a hermaphrodite for all I care. They could be a cross-dressing, half-man/half-emu but as long as they played for my team I'll love them. However if they play for a rival, I will boo and hiss until my throat is sore. Good old football