Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Gary Speed's Memorial Match

Wales have announced that they will play a memorial match in honour of Gary Speed. They will take on the might of Costa Rica, ace.

Gary Speed made his debut for Wales against Costa Rica back in 1990. Some of you weren't even born, we didn't even have the Super Nintendo. Imagine that, I don't want to. 10% of the money raised from the fixture will go to a charity of the Speed family's choosing. Don't worry it's probably still a topic that I can't make any jokes about yet so I'll refrain. I'm pretty sure they said that the inquest will be delayed about a year so we are going to have to wait a while before we find out if we can make any wank-related jokes.

I still can't help think that perhaps Gary Speed deserved a better team. Even fucking Darren Mackie got Villlareal for his testimonial. I'm not implying Darren Mackie is dead, I'm just saying he's really shit. I did actually write something else but I think he is the kind of person that would either sue me or hire someone to break my kneecaps if it made it into the public domain. He is a married man with a baby after all. There are only so many times I can use the word allegedly.