Thursday, 26 January 2012

Gary Neville is inspirational

Weasel faced TV pundit Gary Neville is set to inspire England's Rugby Union team by reminding them of how gratifying it is to punch another human in the face, or by not allowing them to punch him in the face and this firing them up enough to win.  Something like that.

That is a pretty terrible drawing of Gary Neville, but whatever.  Since winning the Rugby World Cup in 'whatever year that happened' England have possibly been bad at rugby and manager Stuart Lancaster wants to remind them of the passion and pride behind wearing a national jersey.  He told the BBC:
"I am trying to remind the players about the pride and honour and standing of being an international rugby player in this country; it is massive,"
"When Gary Neville says it is an honour, it is an honour. And if the players understand that, then you get more responsible behaviour as well."
The most confusing aspect of all of this is how good a pundit Gary Neville actually is on Sky Sports.  One half of my brain wants him dropped into a volcano, but the other wants to know what he thinks the most tactically astute way to play Mata and Torres in the same team is.  I have no idea if he knows anything about rugby but Lancaster is said to have gotten the idea from Cristiano Ronaldo who hired Gandalf the wizard to get him pumped up early in his career.  The only problem is that it back-fired when he started yelling 'You SHALL NOT PASS'.  That bit really stuck.