Thursday, 26 January 2012

Gareth Barry turned down Liverpool because of the fans

Gareth Barry is the second most boring footballer in the world after Theo Walcott.  Just looking at his gormless face fills me with such rage that I want to put my head through my television, but now he's revealed that he turned down Liverpool two years ago because of a song he heard the fans sing, which I guess is enough to write a story on.

You may remember Gareth best from his time at Aston Villa before he left for mountains of cash at the Etihad stadium.  Back then he was a down to earth kinda guy, playing football for fun, until one day he heard Liverpool fans singing "you can stick your Gareth Barry up your arse" in reference to the fact that Xabi Alonso was pwning the midfield while Barry was linked to the Anfield side.

The midfield man told The Sun that that made his mind up when both Liverpool and Man City came in to buy him from Villa in 2008 and that it definitely didn't have anything to do with cash.  After the interview he rode off on his gold bicycle to laugh at poor people.