Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Fulham sign Aberdeen's Jack Grimmer

After scoring the re-signing of legendary Russell Anderson, Aberdeen sold one of their best prospects ever to Fulham for £200,000 and some Monster Munch, because Craig Brown really likes that.

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That's Grimmer on the right, next to fellow youthful star Fraser Fyvie, who will also probably escape to the Premiership or anywhere outside of Scotland the minute he gets a chance.  Fulham have paid the amount they should have for 'training costs', according to Duncan Fraser, Aberdeen's Chief Executive, and the Don's youngest ever player will immediately join up with the London side's 'development squad' which is presumably part of their youth academy, and not like a secret police or anything.  Aberdeen will use the money to write 'Fuck off Rangers' on the side of the new stadium since that's going to be more enjoyable than watching any of the games there.