Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Frank Lampard might retire at West Ham

Because Andre Villas-Boas wants him dead, Frank Lampard might have to leave soon.  Having already dodged a falling anvil and narrowly avoided running into a wall with a tunnel painted on it, the midfielder probably needs to consider leaving.

image from franklampard.info
Girls and boys please divert your eyes to potentially the greatest football related article I have ever seen.  From the Express:
FRANK Lampard could end his career back at his first club West Ham.
Unhappy at a lack of opportunities atChelsea under Andre Villas Boas, Lampard, 33, is poised to move in the summer if things do not improve.

A return to West Ham, who he left in 2001, depends on them winning promotion to the Premier League but Lampard would take a pay-cut. 
That's it.  That's their article.  Notice the lack of references to anything resembling a source and the fact that it's not even a story, it's just a bunch of related things written down.  The language is even worse than some of the stuff we write.  It's even worse than Jack's writing, is what I'm trying to say..  Someone at the Express has just gone 'Hey Tony, did you hear that Frank Lampard might move to West Ham?", "No I hadn't heard that", "Yeh me neither but I need a 20 word article on it by tomorrow".

= profit