Thursday, 19 January 2012

Footballmania XVIII: Terry vs Ferdinand - this time it's (allegedly) racist!

The whole world is gearing up for an immense battle between John Terry and the alleged victim of his racist tirade, Anton Ferdinand, as Chelsea weigh up opponents Queens Park Rangers in their weekend Premiership match.  KAPPOW!

borrowed from mirror
QPR have stepped up security for the clash to make sure no spectators can run in to the ring pitch or throw missiles at the Chelsea captain, and it is expected that Terry will face a fairly heated and angry home crowd.  The England defender says he really wants to play in the match, which is very brave of him but that's because he has the heart of a lion, the courage of a scarecrow and the brain of a racist.... allegedly.

This whole thing has gone on too long now to be honest and absolutely everyone is bored.  They'll probably shake hands, be overly friendly with each other and wear a 'kick racism out of football' t-shirt or something like that, because t-shirts will change the world.  Why, just through the power of t-shirts I've been able to notify people that I love New York, I've been to a Biffy Clyro gig and that I've managed to be sick on myself.  Also they can probably tell that I've slept outside on that last one.