Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Ferguson tells Wales to fuck off

Wales want to appoint Ryan Gigg as their new King, or President or whatever it is they have but Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has said that this shall not happen because he loves him.

The Welsh FA approached the winger/midfielder but were immediately denied entry by the burly Scot, who apparently just goes everywhere Giggs does.  If Giggs is in the middle of a city and crime rears its ugly head nearby, SAF swoops in from the darkness to take on multiple hoodlums at once, using the vast array of weapons he has developed overtime in his underground cave.

Though he must keep his true identity a secret, Ferguson stalks the streets of Manchester, kneeling in the shadows upon trees outside his most valued possession's house, occasionally watching him bang b-list celebrities.  Go go gadget fleshlight!  Wait, that's inspector gadget, not Batman.  I suppose on a basic level they're quite similar.  Gadget hangs out with a girl and a dog / Batman hangs out with a girl and Morgan Freeman, Gadget solves crimes / Batman also solves crimes, Batman's parents were murdered / Inspector Gadget murdered his own parents.  That was a weird episode.