Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Federico Macheda is on loan

Federico Macheda did so well during his loan spell at Sampdoria last season that he's decided never to return to Italy again incase he gets melted down in to glue.  This time he's going to try and score some goals for QPR!

image from the telegraph
Macheda has a bit of a tough time getting a game at Old Trafford at the moment, especially when you consider that £30million man Dimitar Berbatov only gets a run out every other month.  It's almost as if Alex Ferguson finally started to go senile and occasionally remembers that he has a Berbatov, plays him, celebrates the goals, and then wakes up and thinks "what a strange dream, but what a lovely vampire".

Macheda will have some new clubs and over-priced cocktail bars to ponce about it in London now, so that's good.  He might not even drink, I just like stereotyping and judging people based solely on their haircut and general appearance like all middle-class white guys should.  Who am I?  Bill Cosby?