Monday, 16 January 2012

Exeter City want to play Brazil

The Brazilian national team played their first ever game in 1914 against Exeter City so one of those teams wants to recreate the match!  Can you guess which side wants to do it more?  Can you guess?

The English side have sent two directors on a mission to try and arrange a rematch in 2014, which the Brazilians are apparently keen on for some reason.  One of them said:
"Whilst we have no guarantees that we can deliver a repeat of that amazing first game, we owe it to ourselves, the club and its supporters to explore ways in which this important centenary for both Brazil and for Exeter City can be celebrated," (BBC)
I just really hope that someone is filming this for a movie.  Two wacky old guys who don't get along are sent to the exotic land of Rio De Janeiro to try and negotiate the deal of their lives - watch as they go on a thrilling adventure that loosens their ties and shows them the true meaning of friendship.  And then they are eaten by a shark.  But really gruesomely and you see loads of blood and everyone's like 'AARARHHGGHHGHHG A FUCKING SHARK" and they run away and then a building on the beach explodes and suddenly there's a car chase down the road next to the beach.  And maybe put some dinosaurs in there somewhere - probably in the hospital when they have to go there.  Oh and we should probably put a sex scene in there too, none of this lovely romantic stuff, I'm talking hard penetration.  So if one of you guys could get that turned into a script I'd be happy with that.  Cheers.