Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Equatorial Guinea win $1million from their president's son

Equatorial Guinea are currently co-hosting that there African Cup of Nations and because they pulled off a shock by beating Libya 1-0 in their first match of the tournament, the President's son just gave them a $1million bonus.  Most people didn't know that Equatorial Guinea had $1million at all, let alone spare to give to footballers.

As the BBC points out, that country is meant to be pretty poor.  I wonder where the money goes?
"It is remarkable that the president's son has managed to find such a large amount of cash to help motivate his team to win. But the question must be, where has this money come from?" Adrian Lovett, Europe director for the campaign group One, told the BBC in a statement.
Uhhh obviously they've been saving up for a long time, Adrian Lovett.  Have you heard of a bank account?  You aren't supposed to just spend all your money on gin and quavers, you're meant to save it and let it grow so that one day you can buy lots of gin and even more quavers.  Often my parents tell me that I  don't listen and confuse the information and advice they give me in some way or another, but I remember that life lesson like no other.  I particularly enjoyed the part where my Dad turned into a lion to tell me.  You wouldn't forget that.