Friday, 6 January 2012

'Dundee United' is Nigerian slang for 'idiot'

The BBC did a documentary into life in Lagos, Nigeria's most populated city, and discovered an interesting local piece of dialect involving one of Scotland's most scummy teams:

This guy is called Chubby, because he likes cats, and he is the 'star' of the production.  He doesn't like cats, I made that up.  He might like cats though.  From ITV:
“Anybody who came to Lagos and he didn’t learn sense, he cannot get sense ever,” says Chubby. “Because here if you are a fool, they will learn you how to get sense.

“If you are a Dundee United, when they start to pour s*** on you, you will get sense.”
So what I've taken from that is that Dundee United in this context could mean literally anything.  The same goes for pretty much every sentence the guy uses.  Having studied linguistics for a little bit in yesteryears, I can appreciate the evolution and dilution of language, but jesus christ, keep the fundamentals.  You can't 'learn' someone something.  If the grammar police lived in Nigeria they'd have locked this guy up by now!  Oh no wait it's Nigeria so they would actually have tried firing bullets through his house walls, accepted a bribe from him and then done something else scandalous.  My knowledge of Nigeria is based exclusively on like two guys from Uni and Obafemi Martins.  It's not the best.