Friday, 20 January 2012

Dietmar Hamann is good at gambling

If there's one thing we know about Dietmar Hamann it's that he likes to bet hundreds of thousands of pounds on cricket.  Wait a minute....what?

In his new book 'The Didi Man', which is not about porn, Hamann reveals a side to his career that I for one had no idea about, and specifically one event where spread betting on a cricket match cost him £287,000.  That's quite a lot, even for a footballer.  Without a hint of self pity, Hamann talks about the fact his marriage was falling apart, his children had moved to another country with their mother, he was getting drunk a lot, he was getting drunk some more ("what man wouldn't when his marriage falls apart") but when he realised that he'd spent more money than the entire of Scotland will ever spend watching cricket, on one game, he decided to change.
“One night, the Aussies were playing South Africa in a Test match. Australia collapsed for 237. It is a score I remember well. It cost me £288,400.” 
"That night, I bought Australia for £2,800 at 340 runs. That meant for every run [they score] over 340, you win £2,800, but for every run under, you lose the same amount.
“Every wicket felt like a stab in the heart. By the end of the night I felt like I had been scalped. The next day when I looked at the mess that was me in the mirror I said, ‘Didi, things have got to change.’” (Mirror Football)
Then he pretty much points out that although Gary Speed's story is tragic, other footballers should wise up before going 'WAAAAH I'M SO MISERABLE' because as he points out, they are very privileged.  If you don't plan for your own future, it's your own fault.  It's not football's fault.  Idiot.  You won't see me hanging around strip clubs once I've retired, moaning that I didn't plan for my future.  And that's because I don't work in a strip club and am actually trying to have sex with the delicious strippers.  Mmmmm.... refugee flavour.