Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Diego Maradona maybe supports Man City

Diego Maradona has done what all real, true football fans have, and started supporting Manchester City just as they are starting to get good.  Actually his parents supported them so it's fine, and he's a real big supporter.

According to Sergio Aguero, Maradona has begun supporting the Sky Blues from the comfort of his drug palace, or living room, because he takes a real interest in the games that he plays in.  That is because Diego Maradona is his father in law.  His daughter doesn't look as much like a Boglin as I thought she might, but I still think she's punching above her weight with the dreamy Sergio.  Look at his handsome face.

Also, there's no way he can get rid of her because if he does, Maradona would probably take the entire city hostage to make the couple reconcile their differences, climbing a sky scraper all the way to the top until Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden leads a squadron of aeroplanes to try and shoot him down.  As the football legend falls to his doom at the foot of the building, he explodes into a thousand toy cars and we learn that he was actually a transformer.  A transformer of hearts.  The end.