Sunday, 15 January 2012

Dean Windass is depressed, tries to commit suicide

Dean Windass has announced to the world that he tried to commit suicide twice last week but was too pissed to make it work.  Life's going well!

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In an interview with the BBC, the 42 year old former Bradford, Aberdeen, Middlesbrough and Hull striker has openly talked about his struggles with depression following his retirement from the game.  In the thoroughly upbeat article he revealed:
"I have cried every day for two years.  
"People have this image of me as this big strong man who can take anything life throws at him. But I'm not ashamed to say I wanted to end it after a string of setbacks. 
"I took an overdose and, when that didn't work, I tried to hang myself."
Way to bum me out, Dean.  Windass' announcement should hopefully force some other depressed people to seek help, because if they didn't want to kill themselves before reading about an Aberdeen legend crying daily, they probably do now.  This isn't the 40s, you don't have to feel ashamed to shed a tear guys.  Uhhh I mean except me because I'm so macho.

I know lots of people who've had or have varying degrees of depression and it's a serious illness, so before you get on your high horse and say "ooooh that's so sick" or "you don't get it man", I actually think that being open about it and talking are the best ways to deal with it.  I guess it's like they say - laughter is the best medicine.  Unless you're having surgery, in which case it turns out that medicine is the best medicine.  That operation did not go well.