Sunday, 29 January 2012

David de Gea is doing well

David de Gea played well against Liverpool on Saturday, didn't he?  Ho ho ho only joking.  The last time I saw someone look that uncomfortable was when I tried to explain the adult phone number on the bill to my Dad.  I mean my friend.  Wait, what did you say?

Manchester United signed the keeper for a heap of money this summer because Atletico Madrid kinda wanted him to keep being their first choice keeper since he was quite good.  Now de Gea looks like he might have to live on the bench for the rest of the season after his latest blunders and wait until he's all grown up.  SAF said:
"Other keepers make similar mistakes and nothing gets said.
"In my opinion two bad goals to give away but to blame everything on the keeper is totally wrong. The lad will be a top keeper, he is only young. Harsh to blame him for everything."
Anders Linegaard is currently rubbing his hands together and cackling since putting David de Gea out on a football pitch in public just now is about as reliable as resting your pint on the slanted part of the quiz machine.  It might look safe but I assure you it isn't.  It isn't safe at all.