Wednesday, 11 January 2012

David Beckham's son Romeo supports Arsenal

David Beckham's son has decided to support Arsenal, which I bet his Dad is really happy about.  I guess he might be pleased that it's not Liverpool.  Or Rangers.  If my future kid supports Rangers I'll honestly put him in a home.

Although in the past he's been wearing an AC Milan shirt, Romeo Beckham is said to have decided to start following the Gunners and his Dad has even gone to the club shop, or just some stand outside it, to buy him Arsenal stuff.  I can't tell if it's a reverse trolling by Beckham senior for when in 30 years time his team haven't won anything, or whether Romeo is just doing it to piss off his Dad.  I just support Aberdeen because I'm from there and so far that's worked out great.  Apart from the fact that I absolutely hate it.