Thursday, 19 January 2012

David Beckham, defender of the Galaxy (actually midfielder)

David Beckham has fooled everyone by simply signing a new contract with his current team, since he already lives there and it's nice.  It's pretty straight forward, really.

The midfielder, now 36 years old, has committed himself to LA Galaxy for another two years, which means by the time he finishes that contract the world will have ended and he will be 89 years old.  I think that's right.  Beckham's original plan to make America love soccer is going quite well seeing as the sport is the third most watched in that nation if you read certain statistics, and this will give the ex-England international the chance to spread his joy of the game.  If he can just phone up some people in Barcelona and Real Madrid and ask them to stop acting like such fucking pussies next time the entire world is watching, maybe it'll actually work.