Friday, 13 January 2012

Darron Gibson moves to Everton

Darron Gibson was created originally as a live action version of Angry Birds, seeing as his only obvious talent is kicking a ball very far away, sometimes in the general area of the goal, but David Moyes knows a bargain when he sees one!

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Everton have completed the signing of the Irish midfielder for an undisclosed fee, which is actually rumoured to be £2.5million, and he has put pen to paper on a four and a half year deal.  The money used to buy him was funded mostly by the sale of Mikel Arteta to Arsenal in the summer because otherwise Everton wouldn't actually have had any.  They are the equivalent of that friend who borrows a tenner and says 'I'll get you some beers instead' but then they never do, and also, pints and money are totally different currencies - you should never mix the two because it NEVER works out fair.  Also, WH Smith claim they don't except bottles of Punk IPA as payment anymore.  Well la dee da Mr shop assistant.