Monday, 16 January 2012

Darlington sack everyone

Darlington Football Club have been forced to sack their manager and all their players. When I saw this on Sky Sports News I thought, "Darlington? I don't really care", but then I saw the main reason why and realised that it's going to be really easy to make fun of them, so I will.

courtesy of wikipedia
Darlington is one town that holds absolutely no appeal at all. I have not and will not, ever visit Darlington in my life time and I am definitely OK with that. Back in 2003, some clever chap decided it would be a good idea for Darlington to build a new stadium. A potential 25,000 -seater stadium, for £18m called the "Darlington Arena" (awful name). I'm assuming somebody at the time said perhaps that is not a good idea. Due to planning restrictions, the attendance was not allowed to exceed 10,000. Of course they struggle to even get 10,000 through the gates because they are in the fucking conference. What were you thinking, you absolute morons?

Administrator Harvey Madden has stepped in and sacked everyone as a result of their financial problems. Mainly they spent all their money on a massive stadium they didn't need. The manager, the playing staff, the admin staff, have all been sacked. They think their game against Fleetwod this weekend "may be in doubt". Unless you are planning on throwing out strips to the local chavs and homeless then yes, your game against Fleetwood is probably, definitely going to be in doubt. I'm no expert but I'm quite sure you need players to play a game of football.

Legend has it that my local team were actually thrown out of their amateur league for a fan assaulting the ref, or a player assaulting the ref, or one of our local nutters eating the ref. Nobody really knows for sure, the referee was never seen again. I do remember my parents taking me to a big bonfire the night of the game. All the adults wore masks, covered themselves in red paint and danced around a burning effigy. Times were a lot more innocent back then.