Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend looks nice

Cristiano Ronaldo is awesome and very sexy, and because he's stealing all of the good karma he goes out with some model, who says she won't do Playboy.  That's right everyone, real football journalism.

The Real Madrid forward's other half is in the news because she just did a shoot with Esquire and in it said something about how Playboy wasn't classy enough for her.  The two have been banging since early 2010 and might get married or something like that and what's interesting is that everyone forgets that Ronaldo has a wee boy.  Apparently his mother in Portugal looks after it - like it's a fucking tamagotchi or something - but no-one actually knows who the mother truly is.  I assume Ronaldo does but hopefully this isn't anything like how it turns out in South Park and Raul is actually the Dad, although that would probably make for a good player.  In other news: tits.

image from Esquire
image from Esquire
You can read an interview with her in the new edition of Esquire.  Her name is Irina Shayk and she has absolutely nothing to do with football other than Ronaldo nailing her.  So kudos to you, sir.