Monday, 9 January 2012

Christian Vieri likes to dance

I don't understand why people watch 'Strictly Come Dancing', so when it's on I watch films about war because I like blowing things up.  I'm real sensitive though, don't let these chiseled good looks and rock-hard abs fool you.  Remember Abs from 5ive?  Those were the days.

I'd post a link to the video but I can't find it on YouTube.  You can watch it here though on 101greatgoals, because those guys are great.  All those goals, so little time.  In this particular video, former Italy legend Vieri walks up and down some stairs and then dances like I do when I'm really drunk.  The difference between us is that I, of course, look very cool when I do it and that's why all the girls tend to leave the bar I'm in at the time - they just don't want to ruin their relationships by cheating with me, no matter how massive the temptation.  Don't worry ladies, your secret is safe with me.