Friday, 13 January 2012

Chris Samba wants to leave

Everyone's favourite 40 year old, or 22 year old or whatever it is his forged documents tell you, defender Chris Samba has announced that he wants to leave Blackburn to move just anywhere else that isn't Blackburn.  Especially Paris.

The BBC reports that Samba has spoken of his disillusion with the current 'regime' and that he would quite like a move home to Paris St Germain because he won't have to look at Steve Kean's ugly face anymore.  It can't be very fun having to play for someone that knows more about how sausage rolls are made than football tactics, and PSG just recently signed Blackburn's assistant manager to help out Carlo Ancelotti.

Kean maintains that Samba is not for sale but he also maintains that he knows what he's doing and that Blackburn won't get relegated.  He also has a zebra in his garden which isn't a zebra and is actually a donkey that he painted black and white in order to charge children on his street for 'zebra' rides.  And I would still actually probably prefer to watch that than 'War Horse'.  I don't want to watch a movie about a horse - they all seem like such cunts.