Monday, 16 January 2012

Chris Samba hands in transfer request

Everyone's favourite cave-dwelling, brain-eating monster, Chris Samba has handed in a written transfer request. Expect to see him headbutting animals in a town near you very soon.

from our buds
Everything about Blackburn is just horrible. The owners are dicks, the fans are terrible, Steve Kean is clearly deranged but their players are starting to show some fight and had a pretty remarkable win at the weekend. The last thing you want to see is your best defender and captain saying "fuck this" and bail.

Samba has said that it's time for a new challenge and has personally informed the personnel at Ewood Park. He could be off to PSG, he grew up outside Paris and they will pay him anything he wants, which helps. Perhaps he will go to Arsenal, although he is actually good at defending set pieces so Wenger probably won't want him. Watching Per Mertesacker is probably the best comedy on television at the moment.

Steve Kean lied and told us that Samba was ill, which is why he wasn't selected at the weekend. This was coincidentally after his interview with French magazine L'Equipe. In which he was quoted saying, "the club is not improving at all." It was an even less convincing claim of someone being ill, than my call into work this morning. Always go with diarrhoea, nobody argues with diarrhoea.  Don't be downhearted Christopher, remember you still have your very own theme tune and nobody can take that away from you.